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Expected changes in precipitation and temperature by 2050 (La Tercera)

Posted 21-Aug-2016

A recent study, delivered in July 2016, projected that by 2050 Santiago will have the most extreme variation in temperature of all regional capitals, with 2.7°C, which is 14% higher compared to today. In winter, the increase will be 1.7%, representing an increase of 19%, while precipitation will be reduced by 55 millimeters (mm), 15% less. In other regional capitals, as Arica and Copiapó, extreme temperatures rise about 2.2°C are also expected for each summer, but it will be Arica where the temperature will rise more in winter, with 2.5° C.

For more information please visit: Informe climático dice que a 2050 temperatura en Santiago subirá 2,7°C y lluvias caerán 15%

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