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Drought in Puyehue and Rupanco lakes (

Posted 21-Aug-2016

After Austral de Osorno revealed the worrying decline in the water levels of Llanquihue Lake in the surrounding of Puerto Octay, it was found that is not the only lake basin of the region affected by the lack of rainfall that experts have attributed to climate change.

This is because now the Rupanco and Puyehue lakes in the province of Osorno, have also shown and alarming and disturbing situation. In the first case, locals say that in some sectors the beach has increased from 20 to 200 meters, and in areas normally covered by water can now move on foot or by vehicle.

A similar situation occurs in the Rupanco, where residents also confirm that there is an obvious decline in its water levels, exposing larger portions of land. *This is the year where I’ve seen the worst shortage of water in the lake. It has fallen very little rain. Luckily our pastures are still green, but the lake has suffered,” said a local farmer.

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